Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to get a free start menu for your Windows 8 PC

Hi Everyone-

I wanted to take a second and post how anyone with a Facebook account can get a start menu and other software for free.

To start with...what is the start menu and why do you want it?

Here is an image of a start menu.  This is from the Thinix company, which is where you can get the start menu for free.

If you have used Windows 7, Vista, or XP, then you know what the Windows Start menu is as you have used it many times.  For people new to Windows with Windows 8, the start menu was a button on the desktop, usually in the lower left corner, that was a simple application and utility launcher.  You could find or launch almost any function, search the system, access power options, and more.

In Windows 8 Microsoft has moved to a more touch-optimized interface that runs over the desktop.  This new interface is often called the Metro UI, or Metro User Interface.  Microsoft officially calls this the Modern UI.  Instead of a Start button/menu, there is an full screen Start screen.  there are now also other menus and functions that pop out form corners and sides of the screen when the cursor is take there.

After Windows 8 was release many users demanded a start menu and many companies released software fixes that brought back a Windows 7-like start menu to Windows 8. The best of these as noted by other sites is RetroUI from Thinix.

Thinix is now offer RetroUI for free, and the instructions to get one for free is here:

You simply have to sign-in to your Facebook account, like the RetroUI Page, then they send you a license via email....easy!

Please give it a tray now:  Get a Windows 8 Start Menu